Cosplay 911

The Origin Story of Nurse PAtchIt

New York Comic Con 2016 was not a great con experience for me. It was the first con without my best friend and just 2 hours shy of doors opening, I lost my 4 day pass on the show floor.

The silver lining was I met an awesome cosplayer while waiting in line for the show floor to open. She had flown all the way from Australia and had diligently saved up so she could enjoy New York with her friends. Her cosplay was gorgeous. I don’t remember where it was from but the handmade bobble-like details and bodysuit were beautiful. But then something horrible happened. In the mad rush of the con opening, someone accidentally pushed her, causing her to fall, and ripping and breaking some portion of her cosplay. I’ll never forget her expression. She was crushed. So was I. I could have helped her if I had my kit.

That single event left quite an impression on me. I had seen cosplay repair people at other conventions through social media. Bringing in self-funded tools and supplies and selflessly helping attendees. I decided that I would also join the ranks. At the 2017 New York Comic Con, Cosplay 911 opened and Nurse Patchit reported for duty.

As a costume designer, I know how much effort goes into making costumes/cosplay. All the cosplayers who put so much effort, time, and money into their cosplay deserve to have someone on the sidelines at the ready when accidents happen. I have met so many new friends and helped so many people through Cosplay 911.

I hope I get to meet that Australian cosplayer again some day. To thank her for inspiring me.

Next Convention:

New York Comic Con 2019

Illustration by @ Mr_KevinAlvir

Illustration by @Mr_KevinAlvir

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